Molasses, Resins and Sediment Cleaner


BATLLE Molasses, Resins and Sediment Cleaner is a detergent with a sanitising and disinfectant action, with a high metal ion sequestering power, as well as a high effectiveness in molasses emulsion. Non phytotoxic product on leaves and fruits. Recommended for use in all conditions (indoors, terrace and garden).

• Composition: Aqueous solution of Et. Fats < 5 %, traces of cationic emulsifiers and sequestrants.

• Dose: Batlle molasses, resins and sediment cleaner is ready to be applied directly to the surfaces to be cleaned. Apply by normal foliar spraying, ensuring abundant wetting of the part to be cleaned.

Formats - Presentations:Spray of 750ml
Category: Complements, Fertilizers and Plant Protection, Plant Protection, Plant Protection

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