Eco Vintage Vegetable Garden

BATLLE Eco Vintage Vegetable Garden is a product designed and created for the new types of young and urban consumers who are looking for imaginative solutions to grow their own vegetables, aromatic herbs and culinary products in very small spaces.

The authentic “vintage” component of the wooden box gives it a strong personality and is in tune with the taste and aesthetics of this new type of customer.

The variety of seeds that can be grown has been designed to obtain an attractive variety of fresh and natural products from the Mediterranean garden, with the Batlle seal of quality.

• Contents: One solid wooden box, one geotextile net, one pack of coconut fibre, one bag of earthworm humus substrate as growing medium, five sachets of baby leaves, basil, parsley, tomato and courgette seeds and one sachet to obtain 5 litres of guano fertilizer.


Formats - Presentations:Wooden Box 8Kg
Category: My Vintage Garden, Urban Vegetable Garden

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