Soil Insecticide


The Soil Insecticide Serpa Contact GR is an insecticide in the form of granulated bait, which acts by contact against all types of crawling insects in general: spiders, ants, etc. It is a micro-granule formulated to attract insects, maintaining its effectiveness and persistence for a long time. It is resistant to high humidity and even rain, being effective for more than 15 days.

• Composition: Cypermethrin 40/60 0.25%; Bitter tasting substance 0.001%; Excipients 100%.

• Dose: Direct application by sprinkling directed at skirting boards and/or floors. Dose the product by distributing the micro-granules evenly over the areas where insects move or transit. Sprinkle directly on the ground at a rate of 10 g per m2.

Formats - Presentations:Bottle of 500g
Category: Fertilizers and Plant Protection, Plant Protection, Plant Protection

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