Bird Repellent

Long-lasting repellent effect


BATLLE Bird Repellent is a bird repellent and repeller, which acts by affecting the nervous and visual system of the animals. Suitable for protection against urban, country and garden birds. It is a combination of natural extracts and essences, presented in micro-perforated bags with 25 g of granules, long lasting and resistant to rain.

• Composition: Combination of natural extracts and essences absorbed on an inert solid carrier. Approved for domestic use.

• Dose: Effective between 4 and 8 weeks. On bedroom trees less than 5 m apply 1 bag per tree. On windows, balconies and openings in passageways, apply 2 bags per m2. In gardens and terraces apply 1 bag every 10 m2 of surface area.

Formats - Presentations:Cardboard Box of 100g, Cardboard Box of 250g, Cube of 5Kg
Category: Fertilizers and Plant Protection, Plant Protection, Plant Protection

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