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The Cucanor B EcoSpray is a broad spectrum, fast acting and highly effective ant killer. Its composition with cyphenothrin gives it a high persistence and a fulminating effect. It acts on ying and crawling insects, showing special ef cacy in the control of ants.

• Composition: Cyphenothrin 0.1 %; Bitter tasting substances 0.5 %; excipients q.s.p. 100 %.
• Dose: Shake before use. Against crawling insects, apply directly without diluting, spraying the product on the insects to be eliminated or the area to be protected and/or treated. The action of the product remains for several days on the treated area. Against flying insects spray the product in the air creating a fulminating micro-fog against all types of insects.

Formats - Presentations:Spray of 400 ml, Spray of 750ml
Category: Fertilizers and Plant Protection, Plant Protection, Plant Protection

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