Anti Ants Granulate


BATLLE Anti Ants Granulate AMP 2 MG is an insecticide for crawling insects in the form of granulated bait, which is highly attractive for all types of ants, maximising their action by attracting them to ingest it. It is formulated with a revolutionary active ingredient, Acetamiprid, which acts by contact and ingestion and as it is a food bait, the ants ingest, transport and impregnate themselves with it, acting on the ant in contact and against the whole colony when it is transported to the anthill, achieving total eradication of the anthill.

• Composition:
Acetamiprid 0.2 %; Bitter tasting substance 0.002 %; Excipients q.s. 100 %. Approved for household use.

• Dose: Apply about 5-8 g per anthill.

Formats - Presentations:Bottle of 250ml
Category: Fertilizers and Plant Protection, Plant Protection, Plant Protection

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