Repair Kit For Lawn Bald Patches

Repairs damaged areas very quickly


BATLLE Lawn Bald Patches Repair Kit is the magic solution for lawn bald patches. The combination of substrate, seed, fertilizer and Geohumus makes this 4 in 1 mix a revolutionary formula for your garden.

It can be used at any time From February to October.

• Composition: Growing Substrate with EC fertilizer, certified seed and Geohumus. 70 % growing Substrate as dehydrated coco fibre pellets. 10 % of EC fertilizer solution NPK 24-5-11. 17 % certified seed of 2 varieties of Lolium perenne. 3% moisture retentive Geohumus.

Formats - Presentations:Box of 1K
Category: Fertilizers, Fertilizers, Grass, Grass Seeds

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