Green Plant Fertilizer


BATLLE Green Plant Fertilizer is a nutrient complex of high assimilation and fast response, designed to promote uniform growth and intense greening of ornamental plants by their leaves. Contains chelated iron, which acts as a greening agent. Applicable in all conditions, indoor, terrace and garden.

• Composition: EC fertilizer. NPK Fertilizer solution 7-3-5 + micronutrients.
• Dose: Apply as a root fertilizer, diluting 5 ml of fertilizer per litre of water.


BATLLE Soluble Fertilizer for Green Plants is a fertilizer in micro- granules, fast and completely dissolving, which with its high proportion of nitrogen in different forms ensures a balanced development and growth of the plant. Its well thought-out micronutrient balance with iron provides the plant with an intense greenness.

• Composition: AEC fertilizer. NPK (Mg) fertilizer solution 16-8-12 (2) with micronutrients.
• Dose: Dissolve the entire contents of the sachet in 5 litres of water and water 4 to 6 medium-sized plants with the solution.

Formats - Presentations:Botlle of 1250Ml, Botlle of 400Ml, Sachet for 5L
Category: Fertilizers, Fertilizers, Fertilizers and Plant Protection

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