Conifer Fertilizer


BATLLE Conifer Fertilizer is a complex granular fertilizer, formulated with a balanced ratio of nutrients, with a good proportion of Nitrogen that guarantees the greening of the leaves, together with a good amount of Magnesium that prevents the appearance of browning of conifers. Its good proportion of sulphur acts as a protector against the appearance of undesirable fungal diseases, so typical in this group of trees.

• Composition: EC fertilizer. Fertilizer NPK (Mg) 10-5-20 +(2).

• Dose: Apply evenly at a rate of 30 to 40 g/m2.

• Ideal to apply together with a treatment with BATLLE Anti Desiccant Fungicide for Conifers.

Formats - Presentations:Box of 1,5k
Category: Fertilizers, Fertilizers, Fertilizers and Plant Protection

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