Autumn-Winter Professional Fertilizer


BATLLE Autumn-Winter Professional Fertilizer is a controlled release granular formula, which provides a studied proportion of nutrients to improve the defences of the turf and reduce its growth while maintaining an intense greenness in the most unfavourable moment. Intelligent release of 100 days duration. It is safe, convenient and effective because its balanced composition with iron and high amounts of magnesium guarantees uniform growth and maximum greenness all-year round. Ideal for use at any time of the year.

• Composition: NPK 12-8-18+ 2MgO + Iron and micronutrients.

• Dose: Apply every 100 days at the rate of 20 g/m2.

Formats - Presentations:Box of 1,5k, Cube of 5K
Category: Fertilizers, Fertilizers, Fertilizers and Plant Protection, Grass, Grass Fertilizer

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