Anti-Lawn Moss Fertilizer


BATLLE Anti-Lawn Moss Fertilizer is a granulated product, formulated with a high amount of iron sulphate, which acts as an anti-moss, together with an exact proportion of Nitrogen in pelleted form. The combination eliminates mould, algae and lichen from the lawn, prevents the appearance of some fungal diseases, including those caused by fusarium, acts as
a de ciency corrector and stimulates the development and greening of the lawn.

• Composition: EC fertilizer, Fertilizer solution NPK 6-0-0 + 26 % iron + 39 % Sulphur Trioxide.

• Dosis: Apply evenly at a rate of 5 to 10 g/m2.

Formats - Presentations:Box of 1K
Category: Fertilizers, Fertilizers, Fertilizers and Plant Protection, Grass, Grass Fertilizer

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