Hydrangea Blue Enhancer


BATLLE Hydrangea Blue Enhancer Fertilizer is a soluble fertilizer in the form of soluble crystals, which incorporates aluminium into the soil, responsible for the blue colouring of hydrangea owers, acidifying the irrigation solution and the growing medium at the same time. In addition, thanks to its nutrient content, it acts as a fertilizer, promoting the development, greening and flowering of hydrangeas.

• Composition:
EC fertilizer. NPK fertilizer solution (Mg) 15-8-15 (3) with micronutrients.

• Dose: Dissolve the entire contents of the sachet in 5 l of water and water 6 to 8 medium-sized hydrangeas with the solution.

Formats - Presentations:Spray of 250ml, Spray of 800cc
Category: Complements, Fertilizers and Plant Protection

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