Organic Multipurpose Insecticide


BATLLE Organic Multipurpose Insecticide is an ecological product based on nettle extract that acts by contact and ingestion, representing a high shock action that eradicates the pest and protects the plant. Due to its composition, it is rich in chlorophyll, avonoids, tannins, carotenes and mineral salts, as well as being biodegradable and natural, 100 % compatible with the environment.

• Composition: 4 ml/l aqueous nettle extract (Urtica spp, 15 g/l).

• Dose and instructions for use: Spray directly on the plant, at a distance of 30-40 cm, during the first hours of the day or at dusk, until the leaves are well wetted. Apply every 7 days, 4 to 6 applications, between February and October. 750 ml to treat 10 m2.

Formats - Presentations:Spray of 750 ml
Category: Ecological Plant Protection, Ecological Products, Fertilizers and Plant Protection, Plant Protection, Plant Protection ECO

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