Guano Fertilizer


BATLLE Guano Fertilizer is a nutrient complex of natural origin, obtained from the decomposition of the excrements of sea birds that have fed on algae. Its formulation makes it a product designed to promote balanced growth, development and owering, while stimulating the natural defences of plants to grow stronger and healthier. It has a double action effect that combines the improvement of soil quality with the fertilizing action for plants. Recommended for all types of plants and conditions (indoor, terrace and garden).

• Composition: EC compost. Fertilizer solution NPK 5-5-6 + Micronutrients.

• Dose: Apply as root compost, diluting 10 ml per litre of water.

Formats - Presentations:Botlle of 1250Ml, Botlle of 400Ml, cardboard box 1,5Kg, Sachet for 5L
Category: Ecological Fertilizers, Ecological Products, Fertilizers, Fertilizers and Plant Protection, Fertilizers ECO

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