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Organic Citrus And Fruit Fertilizer


BATLLE Organic Citrus and Fruit Fertilizer is a product sold in pellets with a balanced formulation based on organic raw materials (meat meal, chicken manure and potash) and ideal for use in organic farming.
Thanks to its physical structure in pellets, the product is recommended for use as a bottom and/or top dressing, and
is perfect for use on any type of fruit or citrus tree. Its precise composition stimulates the growth of the tree and allows for a more abundant harvest as well as healthier and tastier fruits.

• Composition: Compost NPK 5-4-7.

• Dosis: Apply at a rate of 30-50 g per medium sized plant or 40-60 g/m2.

Formats - Presentations:Box of 2,5k
Category: Ecological Fertilizers, Ecological Products, Fertilizers, Fertilizers and Plant Protection, Fertilizers ECO

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